Mugged in Lathkill Dale – Smudge

Smudge overlooking Lathkill Dale near our peak district cottages

Me relaxing after my mugging -

As it was such a nice evening mistress decided we would go for a picnic at our favourite spot over looking Lathkill Dale (about 1 mile from our cottages (click here)).  It seems like an age since we last had a picnic (always a possibility of tit bits on a picnic). So off we went. Unfortunately this meant a short journey in the CAR.  But it wasn’t too bad. Then a walk down into the bottom of the dale and along to Conksbury bridge.  Once we are down in the dale we are allowed off our leads so we can run about.  Down by the cascades we came across a sheep with a couple of her lambs.  Idiot brother was immediately a bit wary but I took no notice of them.  Then I realised they were approaching us.  OK – I thought – maybe they want a chat.  Next thing I know I am being chased up the dale and butted in a the bum by a very angry sheep.  Idiot brother is no where to befound.  Having seen what was going on he had run off back the way we had come.  In the end I managed to get away from the vicious thing and got back to mistress.

Lathkill Dale near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Lathkill Dale in the evening

Master was no help as he was in stitches and nearly crying.  What was so funny, I could have been seriously injured? What did we do to upset it?  We were only walking in the dale minding our own business.  Is there a crime in that? Anyhow master had to walk most of the way  back up the dale to find idiot brother, put him on a lead and bring him back to where mistress and I were. The vicious sheep had wondered off by this time  (good riddance to the thing).

The picnic was as enjoyable as ever.  There are always lots of swallows for us to chase at this spot.  So we enjoyed ourselves even if we didn’t get many tit bits as we were too busy running about.

By the way.  I wasn’t that scared during the thunder storm last week.  I was just following master  and mistress around to make sure they were OK.  At least I didn’t get myself locked in the toilet, like idiot brother.

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