Mozart is back – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages


My favourite friend is back at ourcottages (click here). Well to be absolutely truthful it is more his owner that I am happy to see than Mozart himself. Don’t get me wrong Mozart is great to play with but its his owners that I like bestest. Just my kind of owners. Every time they see me I get a treat, I just wag my tail and I get another. I have taken to  sitting outside their door for hours  – just in case! When they go out I just sit and wait in the courtyard. Why can’t master and mistress be so generous. I would be a fine healthy dog if they were as generous. Instead I am a half starved dog.   Even better still idiot brother hasn’t been around much as mistress has kept him in because of his bad leg. So most of the treats have come my way. I think his leg is getting better but mistress won’t let him out on his own – just in case.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at a stile in Deep dale

The swallows are back which is always great fun but even better fun this year as idiot brother isn’t allowed to chase them. When he gets taken out, he is on a lead (ha), so he  just has to watch me run around after them. I can see him getting very frustrated and pulling at his lead but mistress is very firm with him (quite rightly so).  He is sometimes allowed to sit in the front garden watching the cows but as usual he starts running up and down getting excited so he gets brought in. What an idiot. If he would just chill out a bit he would be allowed out more.

Its mistresses birthday tomorrow so we are looking forward to being taken out somewhere nice. I am sure she won’t go without taking us along. It will mean going in the CAR but hopefully it will be worth it.


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