More Wells and Gardens – Blue

Blue at the Taddington Well Dressing near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Another Well Dressing!!!

Why is it always me that has to tell you about well dressings and Garden visits? Its all getting a bit boring. Last weekend we had to go and see the well dressings at Taddington (about 5 mins from our cottages (click here)). It had been raining in the morning, so were glad to be taken out but it could have been somewhere more interesting than a well dressing. Mistress enjoyed it even if she did have to climb up half a hillside to see the last one. As usual we had to stop off for an afternoon tea on the way back (see photo of me at Flagg tea room). The rest of the week was also a bit boring. Master still refuses to take we with him to Buxton (thinks I would get in the way – NO I WOULDN’T) so I have to hang out with Smudge all day.

Afternoon tea in Flagg near our peak district cottages

Time for a rest.

Apart from the odd excitement of chasing swallows, Smudge is just plain boring as he is not really a play dog. Of course the cows are still in our front fields so that limits me to the garden. I am not going exploring with those things in the way.

Yesterday we had to go to Bakewell Open Gardens. We went last year and the year before so it is getting a bit repetitious. Mistress likes it as they open different gardens every year but they all look the same to me. Anyway we had to trudge around gardens all afternoon.

Blue in a garden in Bakewell near our peak district cottages

Another Garden!

It wouldn’t be too bad if we were allowed to go off and explore but we are kept on our leads all the time and told to be on our best behaviour. What fun is that? Do any other dogs have to go through this sort of cruelty. OK we did get the odd  pat and fuss from a few people as we went round but it just isn’t the same as being able to go off and explore is it?

I am thinking of starting a Facebook campaign for the better treatment of dogs (no Well dressings and Garden visits). A sort of Dogs charter.  I know Smudge would join as he is always grumbling about being starved to death which looking at him hardly seems likely.

Bakewell Church

Bakewell Church from Yeld Road


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