More Snow – Blue

Another great day.  Its been snowing most of the day at our cottages and we have been allowed out to play in it. Smudge was yet again a bit of a wimp. He thought it was a bit wet and cold – what a wimp.  I think master said about 3 inches had come down.  Most of our friends, from the new year, have gone now.  It was a shame to loose them, as I always like showing other dogs where all the best spots to hide are and how to round up the chicken without the master and mistress noticing.

Blue playing Snow at our peak district cottages

Me Playing in the snow

New years day was a bit of a damp squid.  My master spent the day in his office.  How are we supposed to ‘bond’ if we can’t go out and play. I don’t know.  Smudge was no fun either as he just went to sleep by the fire.

Today was a lot better. People coming and going and my favourite cleaner arrived. She always has nice white tops on so it is great fun seeing her face when I jump up to say hello. I don’t think she fully appreciates the welcome I give her. The Scottish expletives can be quite interesting.  The snow was fun although our master didn’t seem to want to play.  Something about him being busy with the cottages – he needs to chill out a bit.

New years eve I did my hero bit.  I heard a loud bang just after midnight. I was so concerned for my mistress and master that I got out of our room and found my way to thier bedroom to make sure they were OK.  All I got was yelled at and sent back to bed.  Now that is gratitude for you. Oh and I was a bit ill on New years eve.  Not sure why, but it could have been the dead Hare I found and thought was too good to waste.

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