Mistress’s Friend Arrives – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

A lazy evening

Mistress’s friend arrived yesterday to stay a few days at our cottages (click here) and once again ‘idiot brother’ disgraced himself.  We were both happy to see her again but of course he goes over the top (as usual) and jumps all over her.  Well as she isn’t a great dog lover (I don’t understand why) she was not very happy with him and we both got shouted at. And I didn’t do anything wrong – Its always him.  Anyway I had a nice relaxing afternoon in front of the fire – just keeping an eye on it for Mistress (just in case it went out).  Unfortunately  I was turfed out into the kitchen when they all went out to dinner.  ‘Idiot brother’ of course made a big fuss about wanting go with them.  Not me.  Just in case, I hid in the cage to make sure they overlooked me.   In the end they left both of us which didn’t make ‘idiot brother’ any happier.   They soon returned and I could get back to my fire watching before going to bed.

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