Mistress’s Birthday – Smudge

Lea Gardens 10 miles from our peak district cottages

Me showing Mistress round Lea Gardens -

As it was mistress’s birthday we got dragged round a garden  (luckily not a garden centre). As it was a beautiful day we left early and headed for Lea Gardens. Lea Gardens is a spectacular rhododendron/azalea garden about 10 miles from our peak district cottages near Critch. As it was suppose to be a special treat for mistress I had instructed idiot brother to be on his best behavior which he always finds difficult. The gardens weren’t too bad apart from the fact we had

Lea gardens

Lea Gardens

to be on our leads all the time and had to suffer the usual indignity of sitting under the table while master and mistress had morning coffee (with cake).  There was of course a lot of stopping to ‘admire the flowers’ which was a bit boring.  After Lea Gardens we were taken off to Crich Tramway museum. The tram museum is great – lots of places to explore and strange machines to  investigate.  They even allow us to ride on the trams where we always get lots of attention from the other passengers.  We were also taken a walk through the woods which was exciting even if we couldn’t chase things.

Crich Tramway Museum

Crich Tramway Museum

Its very busy at our peak district cottages. This week we have 5 friends staying  – four of them are collies like us  (three of which are regular guests who we know well).  Its always fun to run around our fields with them, show them where the best smells are and discuss what food they get.  Did you know that some dogs get fed three times a day. We only get fed once a day – no wonder I am always hungry.

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