Mistress’s Birthday – Blue

Blue at Lea gardens near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me at Lea Gardens

Its that time of year again. Firstly I had to get master away from our cottages (click here) and down to town to buy mistress a birthday present. If I hadn’t he wouldn’t have remembered. This wasn’t easy. As you know he is a Yorkshire man.  So is a bit tight with his money. Fortunately  he needed to get something from town so I managed to drag him round some shops to find something.  Gold ear rings! Diamond ring! No chance. What did he plumb for? Flowers and chocolates!  OK mistress is a sucker for chocolates and flowers but he could have been a bit more imaginative. I did suggest a few things but he didn’t seem to listen.

Lea gardens near our pet friendly holiday cottages

The next issue was what to do for mistress’s birthday! Well we all knew what it meant if this was left up to mistress and unfortunately it was. So off we went on the yearly pilgrimage to Lea Gardens and then on to  junction 28 shopping centre. OK Lea gardens is nice and sort of dog friendly but come on we could have gone for a long walk or something more exciting. But I suppose it is mistress’s birthday so it is up to her what we do. (Aside – Why don’t we ever have a birthday???). As usual she did enjoy the gardens and we had a pleasant lunch sitting outside admiring the view.

A shopping centre near our peak district cottages

Me waiting for mistress at the shopping centre

Then it was off to the dreaded shopping centre. Not a dog friendly place. We had to stay in the car. I don’t think master was too excited about it either. I think he just tags along and carries the shopping and keep an eye on how much mistress spends. Smudge was happy because he could have an afternoon snooze but as I was left in charge of security I needed to be alert all the time.  Mistress sent master back to the car at least twice to dump the shopping.  Who knows what she was buying. Master was at his most apprehensive when he came back for the last time. We were sitting around for about 1/2 hour waiting for mistress.  I think he was a bit worried at just how much she could spend in 1/2 hour on her own. In the end she appeared with only one shopping bag so I assume it didn’t break the bank.

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