Millennium Bridge – Smudge

Smudge on a day out from our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me on The Bridge -

Yep its a bridge.  Even I knew that.  So why did we have to go all the way from our cottages (click here) to New Mills in the CAR to see it?  Apparently because it is one of those things you are supposed to see. Big deal.  It was a terrible day so I was expecting a nice restful all day encounter with my duvet.  But oh no we got dragged over to see The Bridge.  I suppose if nothing else we did get a 30 minute walk which was better than nothing. Even if we did have to be on our leads.  I suppose the bridge is sort of impressive or at least master and mistress thought so. We thought it was all a bit boring.  Just a bit of metal suspended over a river – nothing very interesting at all.

The Millenium bridge near our pet friendly holiday cottages

The millenium bridge - New Mills

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