Master’s New Car – Blue

Blue at our Peak District Cottages

Me in the good old 'Disco'

We have a new car at our (click here)! Well when I say new its a sort of old new car (master is too mean to buy a ‘new’ car – he is from Yorkshire you know). He has  been messing about trying to choose a new car since last January when the good old Discovery (Disco) died during the snow. I use to like the  Disco as I was allowed in it with muddy paws etc. Master just didn’t care as it was so old and dirty it just didn’t matter. The new car is a bit different. As it is newer (the Disco was dropping to bits) he has made me sit on cloths on the seat. Anyway I have got my driving position back. Its a lot better in a big 4*4 car than a normal car.  You can see so much better.  One problem we had was that the brakes needed looking at so we had to take it into the garage in the next village.  I went with him to make sure that they understood the problem. We normally walk back but this time we got a lift back which meant I had to sit on master’s lap all the way home as I wasn’t allowed on the seats.

View from near our peak district cottages

A view from the hill over looking Sheldon

The good news is that when the car was ready to pick up Smudge and I were taken for a walk over the fields to fetch it.  It was a bit misty but at times we were in bright sunshine.  I had a few problems getting across our land, due to the cows still been around, but by going the long way round I managed to avoid them.  The sheep in the ‘Mine Rake’ (a field near our picnic spot) were a bit uppity but Smudge sorted them out.  The biggest problem came when we approached the village. A young Bullock decided it didn’t like us (well the feeling was mutual).  He started chasing Smudge all over the field.  I was having none of that and very quickly jumped over the wall and was gone.  I think Smudge must have got away from him in the end as he seemed OK when he caught up with me in the village.  The car was ready and we had a pleasant drive back home. Even Smudge didn’t grumble too much about being in a car.

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