Master’s friend comes to stay – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

I am not sure I should be here

At Last. Someone who is a dog lover. Last weekend an old friend of master’s came to stay at our cottages (click here). As soon as she arrived it was obvious she liked us. We did our usual ‘meet and greet’ routine  but then found that she wanted more. That is unusual in itself as we usually get told off for being over exuberant. Well to be fair to Smudge it is usually me that gets told off. After a few minutes of fussing us she then produced a bag of dog biscuits.  Our kind of friend. Then proceeded to give us not the usual one or two but a handful. Mistress complained that we were on a diet but she refused to hear anything about it and carried on.

Of course Smudge was smitten. For the next two days wherever she went Smudge followed her in the hope of getting more biscuits (and often he did).  She even let me sit in her car. In fact I was very happy sitting there till master saw me and turfed me out. I wasn’t doing any harm and I did have permission.

Blue waiting at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Waiting for master

We were a bit sad when she left as we knew we would be back to our normal starvation rations with only the odd pat on the head or stroke rather than the lavish love and attention we had had over the past few days. Smudge did try and suggest that he go back with her but wasn’t too sure when he found out she has three CATS at home. I think he would have put up with them just for the extra food he would have got. Me! I think I prefer here. There is more going on and I do quite like Master and Mistress (even if they don’t feed us properly and  don’t give us enough attention). Besides I don’t like CATS.

a walk near our peak district cottages

Where has everyone gone!

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