Master’s birthday treat – Smudge

Smudge at the Round House near our pet friendly cottages

Me at the train thing

As a treat to master we were all taken to the Chesterfield Barrow Hill Steam Gala which is about 40 minutes from our cottages (click here). As soon as I heard were were going I eagerly volunteered to stay at home and keep the duvet warm. Idiot brother of course was all for going. Well I thought it might be worth a trip just see his face when he realised what is there. On past performance  (cable cars etc. ) he has been a major wimp and had away partly shell shocked. Anyway I didn’t get any choice in the matter, as I was escorted to the car and off we went.

Now why we  had to go to see steam trains I have no idea. As far as I am aware master isn’t a major train nut and mistress prefers aeroplanes. From my point of view I couldn’t see the point at all. You can’t eat them so why bother.  Actually it wasn’t too bad. There were lots of people there and that meant  we  got lots of attention and fussed and stroked a lot.

The engine Shed or Round House near our pet friendly holiday cottages

The engine Shed or Round House

Idiot brother didn’t seem phased with the hissing, tooting and general mayhem associated with such places. Even mistress seemed to enjoy it. As per normal we got dragged round every exhibit and into every nook and cranny of the place. We even had to go up some steps to a fusty old carriage that had certainly seen better days. I wasn’t keen on the steps as I could see down through them but that didn’t seem to deter master. Mistress especially enjoyed it when they moved the big steam engines around. Master has made a slide show video of our trip which you can see on Youtube at .

Smudge in monsal dale

Hurry Up!

Better still was Sunday when we got taken for a walk in Monsal Dale. It was decided that as the trail now tends to be busy at weekends we would use the old footpath which mistress likes because of its spectacular views. Its not a long walk but with mistress it does seem to take a long time (all the stopping). Lunch was better than normal as master had over done the sandwiches (again) so we had a few crusts and bits. The view from our lunch spot was spectacular. Well mistress says it was. It just looked like a field on a slope to me with a long drop down to the river below. It did make sitting waiting to be fed a bit tricky but I mastered it in the end. One strange thing. we didn’t stop for afternoon tea. I am not sure why.

Smudge in Monsal Dale

Me looking into the Dale



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