Lunch at the Lathkil – Blue

Blue at the Lathkil Hotel

Admiring the view

Yesterday was nice and sunny so it was a bit of a shame we couldn’t go out for a long walk. Unfortunately we had guests coming in to our cottages (click here) in the afternoon. Never mind, that is the way of these things. Mistress, however, decided that we could walk over to Over Haddon and have lunch in the Lathkil Hotel (its a pub really). That was great news as we enjoy that walk. We are allowed off our leads and as long as we stop and wait at each of the styles (for mistress to catch up) we can wander off wherever we want. The ground was still very hard from all the frost so at least we didn’t get too muddy. They allow dogs into bar area of the Lathkil so we could sit inside by the fire watching master and mistress have their lunch (nothing for us). As the Lathkil is such a dog friendly pub (most are in our area) we had lots of friends to get acquainted with. Once lunch was over we had to rush back to meet our afternoon guests.

Blue in Buxton

At least someone listens to me

We are getting on well with the house in Buxton. A few more weeks and we should be finished. I even showed someone around. I pointed out all the ‘dog features’ that have been added but they didn’t seem that impressed. They obviously didn’t have a dog.

We had to take mistress for a retail fix on Saturday. All the way to Ashbourne to be stuck in the car all afternoon. No fun. Mistress seemed happy though especially after visiting her favourite deli. We did get taken for a short walk from the car park through the long tunnel to the bike hire shop on the Tissington trail. It was a bit strange as there were train noises in the tunnel but no trains. Either there were ghosts or something very strange was going on. We ignored it anyway.

Blue at our peak district cottages

Like the Hat.

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