Lots to do at Ashover Show – Blue

Blue at the Ashover Show near our peak district cottages

Can we have one of these -

Everyone that was anybody was at Ashover Show on Wednesday. Well we were there and a few people we know were there although we never saw them.  As it was a nicish day it was decided that we would go to the Ashover Show about 20 minutes from our cottages (click here). The last time we were taken there was about 4 years ago.  Its a far better show than the Bakewell Show as it is all about farming rather than shopping and therefore far more fun and far more dogs to talk to.  Although there were quite a few of those vicious sheep and cows about they were all firmly behind fences (where they should be).  So what with all the other dogs we met and all the attention we got from passers by it was quite a nice day although it did rain a little bit and master grumbled about it being cold.

Ashover Show near our peak district cottages

I could do better than this

I tried to convince mistress that I could do the dog agility better than the dogs that were there but she just ignored me.  The tractors and machines all looked exciting. Especially the tractors, as they looked a lot bigger than the tractor I am use to riding on.  Of course we weren’t allowed in the food tent which is typical.  Of course mistress spent ages, unsupervised, in there as per normal.

Shire Horse at the Ashover show near our holiday cottages

It looked a bit big to me

Yesterday there was a bit of a thunder storm and just in case master mentions it – I wasn’t ‘hiding’ in the toilet!  I had gone in  to see if anyone was scared of the thunder and needed my help.  How was I to know there was a door closer on the door – I have never been in there before.  During the storm Smudge of course was his normal wimpy self and when the lights went out for a few seconds he was just a gibbering wreck (not really a very good advert for a collie at all).

Onions at the Ashover show near our derbyshire cottages

They don't look very inviting do they

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