Lost on Longstone Edge – Blue

Blue in one of the fields near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in a field near Great Longstone

We went for another walk from our peak district cottages on Sunday.  This is becoming a regular event which can’t be bad.  This time we went off to Great Longstone (a few miles from our pet friendly Holiday cottages), then up to Longstone Edge and along the edge then back down.  All went well (including no cows) until we came to a junction that wasn’t on mistresses map.  This is not usually a problem as master has a SAT NAV gadget that tells us exactly where we are. Except this time its batteries were flat.  Very useful.  Anyhow we headed off in the general direction but as there were so many paths (due to all the quarrying over the years) it got very confusing.  Not that we cared.  It was good to be off our leads and allowed to run around.  Smudge is usually pretty good at finding the correct route but even he was a bit lost this time.  After about 30 mins we ran (well we ran but master and mistress walked) into a Park Ranger and asked her where we were. As it turned out we were only about 10-20 yards from where we were supposed to be.  Once we went up the next bank there we were.  The way back was a bit more fraught as we had to go through a field with what I thought were cows. As it turned out they were horses but better safe than sorry. Lunch wasn’t too bad, at least we got the odd tit-bit and we didn’t stop on the way back for mistress’ afternoon tea (this must be a record – twice in succession without afternoon tea on the way home).

Shirley Checking the room size

Mistress checking her laundry room size -

The building work is going well and me and master are zipping here and there picking up bits from building merchants and timber yards etc.  For some reason Smudge seem to disappear about lunch time and then wander back half an hour later looking very satisfied with himself.  I am going to have to follow him to see what he is up to.

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  1. Hi Smudge and Blue
    We had a lovely time with you last year and we are really looking forward to seeing you and playing again and all those lovely walks and sniffs, it’s very clever of you to get your mistress lost so that you can have a longer walk, we do it all the time, I was told you can’t be lost because you are always somewhere.
    Anyway, see you soon
    Rugs and Jack (the Australian Shepherds)

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