Last of the well dressings – Blue

Blue at a well dressing near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking 'interested' at the Well dressing

Thank goodness for that. No more wells to go and see.  Of course we had to go to see that last of the Well Dressings over at Hartington (about 10-15 mins from our cottages (click here)). As it was quite a nice afternoon Mistress wanted to go and see them. So we all had to trail over there. I suppose we had a bit of a walk around but nothing exciting. Just a lot of sitting around while mistress looked at the dressings and went round a craft fair. We then of course had to go for afternoon tea at a local cafe. At least we could all sit outside and the girls from the cafe did give us a lot of fuss even if they didn’t give us any food. Anyway no more wells for another year.



Flowers at our peak district cottages

Some of Mistress's Flowers in the Courtyard

We were supposed to be taken out for a walk this week but that seems to have fizzled out as the weather changed and master is a bit of a fair weather walker. I was happy to go but no one else was (especially Smudge). We got abandoned all day Tuesday while mistress and master went off to do the ‘big’ shop at the local cash and carry. We are never allowed on that trip. Something about there not been room on the way back. I must admit looking at the car when they got back, it might have been a bit cosy and I am not sure where Smudge would have gone. Maybe he could have run behind – get some weight of him. The good news is they did come back with 4 bags of dog food so the trip wasn’t a total waste of time. Smudge was getting a bit worried as there were no more bags of food left left in the store – he was near to panic.

A stuck cow at our peak district cottages

The Stuck Cow

A few nights ago we had a silly cow get stuck in the bottom cattle grid. Stupid thing was trying to cross it. Don’t they know that ‘cattle grids’ are to stop ‘cattle’? Anyhow master had to call the farmer and between them they managed to get it’s back foot out and walk it lalong the road to another field. They then decided that they would clear our drive field of cows to make sure none of the others tried the same trick. Smudge was called on to move the last few stragglers. Apparently he is getting quite good at it. Me – I won’t go near the things (unless there is a big fence between us)



  1. Hi, first of all congrats on blog, photos and posts are great fun to read and what a great area to live…but I have a question, I know there are many springs and wells in the area but what is this well dressing thingymybob???
    Going to check out your cottages now, I quite fancy a trip to the Peak District….

  2. Well Dressing – I think it is some pagan ritual to give thanks to the wells for providing water for the year. It was sort of adopted by the early christians and has morphed into a semi Christian/ tourist attraction. Basically they mount wet clay on big wooden boards (can be 4 foot to 6 foot high) then draw a design on it. The village then spends hours pricking petals (of whatever flowers are available at the time) into the clay to make the design into a colourful display. Unfortunately the display only last, in its full glory, for a few days before the petals start loosing their colours. A lot of the actual wells are long gone but the boards are put up near the site of the old wells. The start of the season is usually Tissington in late may finishing with Hartington in September. Most of the villages in the area have either 1 or 2 Wells dressed with places like Youlgrave having 5. Quite a few people do come to our cottages for the well dressing as we are very central (being only 2 miles from Bakewell which is classed as the centre of the white peak)

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