Its Christmas – Blue

blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

OK – don’t laugh!

It must be almost Christmas as there is all sorts of frantic activity going on around our cottages (click here). We put up the lights the other day.  Master always hates that, so I help where I can but I am not good on ladders. Smudge just hides as he knows there is going to be trouble. Mistress is dashing from cottage to cottage putting up Christmas trees and decorations. Cakes are being baked (Smudge likes that bit) and iced (master does the marzipan so I can’t imagine what that will taste like). We have to sit to have our daft Christmas picture taken. Same every year! Blue Sit. Blue put these daft antlers on. Blue don’t move – Snap! Well as long as it keeps them happy and we did get quite a few treats although Smudge cheated and nicked some from behind masters back (Master was not happy with him). Do other dogs have to go through this indignation at Christmas?

blue at our pet friendly cottages

Are you sure this is in the right place?

There is talk about buying us some dog boots for Christmas (so we don’t have to have our feet wiped so often). Come on – we are collies! Doesn’t that count for anything? How could we show our faces around town? Definitely a case of maltreatment.

Smudge as usual is looking forward to Christmas. It’s all the food he is looking forward to really. I assume we will be confined to the kitchen AGAIN as master and mistress’s friend is allergic to dogs. So please think of us at Christmas all alone in a cold, dark, kitchen without anyone caring for us and everyone else sitting round a nice warm log fire. Its damn right cruel, especially to Smudge with all that food only a few feet away.

blue at christmas at our peak district cottages

Did someone say ‘walk’

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