Its all very exciting – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in the rubble -

Its all very exciting at our cottages (click here). The builders are now here and there is lots going on.  I like builders.  They always seem to have a bit of spare sandwich for me (I haven’t told idiot brother yet so I  get it all for myself).  Walls are coming down and diggers are zipping backwards and forwards.  The only problem is trying to keep idiot brother out of trouble.  He constantly wants to try and be in the thick of it (ie in the way).  Well with any luck they will bury him, then we can all have some peace.

More digging at our pet friendly holiday cottages

More digging

Mistress is all excited that she might have her new laundry in the near future.  Master is all excited as there are plenty of things for him to check on. And I am excited as there are more tit-bits around than normal.

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