Its all a bit embarrassing – Smudge

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Why Me!

It was our hair cut time this afternoon at our cottages (click here). Master fancies himself as the Vidal Sassoon of the dog clipping world. What he really is, is a hair butcher. You should see my back and tail (well actually you don’t want to see the mess he has made). What was an elegant skirt and fashionable long haired tail is now a total mess (and it is rather  cold when the wind blows from behind). Idiot brother doesn’t seem to care but I do. What about my fan club? What happens if I meet another dog in the street? I am not going to be able to show my face around Bakewell for weeks. It is OK for idiot brother he doesn’t have a fan club but I do, and I need to keep my fans happy. What are they going to think when they see me. Mistress isn’t very happy at our new ‘look’ either.

smudge at our peak district cottages

Its a bit cold at the back.

Why can’t we be taken to a nice cosy dog salon like other dogs? Idiot brother says its because we are supposed to be roughy toughy collies and a salon just wouldn’t have any street cred. I think it is because master is tight with money (he is from Yorkshire).

smudge in the gardens of our pet friendly holiday cottages


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