Its all a bit boring – Blue

blue at our peak district cottages

Me with a new toy

Its been weeks since we went for a walk. Ok a walk around the fields with mistress is fun but not like a proper walk. Everyone seems so busy at our cottages (click here). Mistress is constantly in and out of cottages, master is busy doing things in other cottages. It’s all a bit confusing. I get the odd ride down town when master needs something from the builders merchants but that is about it.

The weekend was terrible. Mistress disappeared into the cottages for hours and master just sat at his PC all day working on something to do with a presentation he is giving at the village hall. I bet it isn’t anything interesting like where to go for a walk. It’s bound to be something boring to do with computers. Thank goodness all I have to know about computers is how to type my blog. Everything else is a mystery. Smudge of course is always happy when things are boring. He just curls up in a ball and goes to sleep.

blue at our pet friendly cottages

Me getting dried off - again!

At least at this time of year mistress very kindly puts the fire on for us which is very thoughtful of her. I am getting a bit fed up of having my paws washed every time I go outside but hey ho that’s a dogs life. Smudge is almost traumatized every time he gets his feet done. Anyone would think mistress was trying to drown him.

Mistress has just got back from shopping.This is always a bit of an exciting time as she always brings something back for us. Even if grumpy master tells her off. What is wrong with spoiling us every now and then. It’s not as though we are spoilt dogs!! I always try to help with the unpacking and putting things away. Its all great fun even if I do get told off a lot for ‘getting in the way’. Ha. The usual gratitude you get as a dog.

Blue looking at the shopping at our peak district cottages

Me helping with the shopping

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