It must be Christmas Time – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages


It must be Christmas time at our cottages (click here)!  Master is all grumpy, boxes are coming out from all sorts of places, mistress is rushing around, strange trees are appearing in the house and the cottages, mistress is nagging master about putting lights up and we are getting neglected. Not a walk for weeks. I can see master’s point about not putting up the lights. It has been a bit cold, snowy and wet. Not the ideal time to be working outside. Although I would of course have helped. Anyhow yesterday Master at last gave in and he and the handyman spent the day putting up Christmas Lights. We seem to have more this year than on pervious years. I am not sure why. I don’t think master has bought any more this year. Maybe they have been breeding while they have been away. I tried my best to be helpful but kept getting yelled at for ‘being in the way’. Now that is gratitude for you. Smudge, very sensibly, just went inside out-of-the-way. Anyway they are all up now and master is a little less grumpy and mistress has stopped nagging him (for the moment).

The snow, we had last week, was great fun. Master has put a youtube thing together showing us enjoy ourselves in the snow. Have a look at httpv://

Even Smudge enjoyed himself (which is a bit unusual). Although it was great during the snow, now it has melted, every time we come inside we have to have our paws washed.  I just don’t understand. I thought master had laid new carpet especially for us to clean our feet on! If not I wonder why he changed it.

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