Is Spring Here? – Smudge

Smudge Moling

Me practicing Moling

Spring seems to be on its way at last here at our cottages (click here).  Thank goodness for that.  I really didn’t like all that snow.  For two days now the sun has been out and our friendly wag tail is back so we can practice our collie skills on him.  It was so warm in the courtyard I actually dozed off for a while until idiot brother woke me up about something.  The farmer is putting slurry on the fields again so I am keeping an eye on idiot brother to make sure he doesn’t go off and come back caked in slurry.   I even tried my luck at moling this morning (see picture).  Not sure I am as good as idiot brother (not that he ever catches anything) but practice makes perfect.  Master took us out for our walk this morning.  Its not as much fun with him as it is with mistress.  He yells at us more often and doesn’t give us any treats and why was he whistling for us to come back when we were sitting right next to him (maybe the cold weather got to him).

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