I’m in trouble again – Blue

Blue in Car

Me -

How was I to know that Master and Mistress were going out for the evening? Did they tell me? No! Now I am in trouble, just because I decided to go off for a walk in the beautiful evening sunshine around our cottages (click here). OK maybe I should have come back when I heard the whistle! But it was such a nice evening and there were lots of things that needed to be checked out.  We seem to have an abundance of moles at the moment and I do need to keep an eye on them – just in case.  The number of birds seems to be increasing so I also need to keep an eye on them.  Its a lot of work for one dog and Smudge is no help.

Anyway when I strolled back in half an hour later, having completed my walk, there was an almighty fuss.  Master had gone of looking for me (I don’t know why,  I was only a few fields away) and mistress was looking very worried. It turns out they were going out to Sheffield for the evening.  Without us of course.  Apparently you can’t take dogs to Choral recitals – not sure why! They were a bit cross as I had made them 30 minutes late. I made a big fuss of them when they got back to show that I was sorry.

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