Idiot brother’s bad leg – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

My best side

He has done it again! What is it with him? One minute he was fine the next he is hopping around on 3 legs and getting all the sympathy from mistress. It was probably his own fault. As usual he has been tearing around like an idiot. Then a few nights ago mistress noticed he was holding one of his back legs in the air. I hadn’t noticed. I have a feeling he does it more when mistress is around. He seems to walk OK when no one is noticing. Anyway what is the problem, he has another three legs so he has plenty of spares. Of course mistress is very concerned and to stop him hurting himself even more,  he has been taken out on a LEAD for our morning and evening constitutions. Serves him right. I did notice this afternoon when no one was watching he did help me chase some swallows. I didn’t see him limp then. Oh by the way the Swallows are back which I think means spring is here. Well if it is I haven’t seen it. The one good thing with all this rain is that I have been able to get in some serious duvet time.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Action Dog

One of master’s friends came to stay last week. She doesn’t like dogs so it is always fun annoying her by leaving our hairs on her skirt etc. I am sure she likes us really!

I have just been helping master put up the electric fence in our front field (to keep the cows away from mistresses plants) so idiot brother is very shortly going to be confined to the front garden. Ha. That should slow him down a bit and give me some peace.

Smudge at our pet friendly cottages


All I have to do is walk through the cows and I will have left him behind. There is no way he is going to be brave enough to risk following me. It is great fun to just get out of sight and then start barking. He goes frantic thinking I have found something and he just dare not come and find out. I am looking forward to that again.

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