I thought I had got away with it – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

MY Bone

Following our morning constitution around our cottages (click here) grounds with mistress, I always pop around the cottages just to make sure everything is Ok and to see if anyone has left anything out to eat. This morning I noticed that Bluebell Cottage door was open so I wandered in. Imagine my amazement when I spotted that their dogs breakfast was sitting there all alone and beckoning me to help eat it. Well what could I do. Its only courteous to empty a food bowl isn’t it. I had assumed I hadn’t been spotted, so it was a bit shocked when 1/2 an hour later I got a good telling off from mistress. I am not too sure how I got caught. May be it was idiot brother who sneaked on me. What was even worse, I got a reduced ration at dinner time. I get little enough as it is. To reduce it is just not fair.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Waiting for Dinner

What is more we had to go down town shopping (I think it was a punishment). I am not keen on town. For one thing I have to go in the CAR and another we have to be on our leads. Worse still I got master (usually he takes idiot brother). When I am with master there is no stopping and I have to walk at heal or he gets very cross. I am a roughy toughy field dog not some kind of trained pet. I need the open fields, the air in my fur, the earth under my feet (and a warm duvet by the fire). Shopping is always the same. Mistress disappears inside and we are left outside with master. Then on to the next shop. Same again. And so on for 1/2 an hour or so. What is the point. What does she do in these shops. I know sometimes she brings out sausage rolls for me to look after. But I had better not go down that road. I am already in big trouble today.


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