I think I might have got away with it – Blue

walk from our peak district cottages

Me with Lathkill Dale in the background

Master seems to have calmed down a bit after my adventure the other day.  I have tried to be extra good just in case.  Whenever master is out side working on our cottages (click here) I stick to him like glue – male bonding and all that.  We even got taken for a walk along the top of Lathkill Dale on Sunday which was great as we didn’t have to be on our leads most of the time. Smudge was especially happy as we only had to go in the car for a short journey and then we walked back.  The views from the top of the Dale were spectacular but what all the fuss was about when I stood close to the edge I just don’t know.  Do they think I am stupid.  I know its a long way down.  We did meet a few sheep on the way, that looked a bit scary but Smudge just gave them one of his ‘Collie stares’ and that go rid of them.  Coming down was interesting.  Mistress always takes so long.  We could have been home and back again by the time she got down.  Anyway all in all in was a good day and master seems to be talking to me again.

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