I hate Shopping! – Blue

Blue at our peak district cottages

Me being BORED Stiff

Sunday started off as a beautiful warm day at our cottages (click here). Mistress took us out for our morning constitution and then we sat around wondering if we would be taken out for a long walk. One of mistresses friends is staying with us so we assumed we would go on a nice easy walk. The leads came out – that was good.  So we got all excited and headed for the car. What we had failed to spot was that a) we hadn’t packed a picnic (bad news) and b)master had picked up our short leads ( not our long walking leads) – bad.  The journey started well we headed in a direction we are used to. Then suddenly we turned into a GARDEN CENTRE. Well we thought maybe it is just a bit of retail therapy for mistress. She does need her garden centre fix every now and then.  Maybe a little wait and we would be off for our walk. After about an  hours and a half later they all returned and we set of again. This time we stopped at Cromford where we often go for a walk. Out we jumped eager to get going only to be dragged to the SHOPS. We hung around outside for hours, with master, who looked as bored as we did. Ok we did get the odd person coming along to give us a fuss but even still it was boring. At last we moved on and after only about  10 mins we came to some more shops. This time it really was bad. Mistress and her friend were in one shop for ever.  Even master was getting fed up. Then when all the shopping was over we just walked back to the car. Walk! What Walk.

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

My Best Side

Smudge has been at it again. Whenever he sees a cottage door open he sneaks in to see if there is anything to eat. He usually gets chased out but every now and then he manages to find something interesting. He has even taken to nicking bread off the outside tables that has been left out for the birds by guests. Master keeps having strong words with him but he seems oblivious. One of these days he is going to get into major trouble. Then we will probably both be in for it.

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