I didn’t wander off – Blue

Blue at our Peak district Cottages

Me giving master a cuddle

I know what dopey brother has told you about my adventure last week at ourcottages (click here). But he was asleep, as usual, so what would he know. Anyhow here is the truth about what happened. I was sitting in the courtyard watching the world go by (a great pastime) when I saw a group of walkers a few fields away.  They didn’t appear to know where they were going.  So I barked at them a few times but they didn’t seem to understand  (obviously not from these parts).  So to be helpful,  I ran over to see if I could help.  They seemed a friendly bunch so I decided I would be super helpful and show them the way to Over Hadden (the direction they were heading).  We know the way to Over Haddon well as we get taken there quite often.  So I lead them across the road into Andrew’s fields where I had intended to head back home. Then I remembered that I wasn’t supposed to go across the road (master would be very cross). The group still looked a little lost and having gone across the road I thought I had better carry on trying to be helpful (in for a penny in for a pound). So I decided to show them all the way to the next road.

Blue at our peak district cottages

Where has everyone gone

My intention was to take them to the road heading into Over Hadden and then come back home. To my horror when we go to the Over Haddon road mistress was standing there waiting for me (thank goodness it wasn’t master). She of course didn’t understand at all and thought I had wandered off. But I hadn’t I was just trying to be helpful. When we got back home master (who also didn’t understand) was very cross with me, so I kept well out of his way for the rest of the day. Anyhow hopefully they have both forgotten about it by now.

Mistress seems to be acting very strange at the moment. Every time we go out to play, when we come back in, we get our feet washed. I think it must be some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. I personally don’t mind too much as we get a biscuit each time but Smudge hates it. Lets just hope she grows out of it.

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