I am in BIG trouble – Smudge

Smudge in trouble at our pet friendly cottages

Help I am in trouble!

It wasn’t really my fault! Well I suppose it sort of was! The problem is the temptation. Mistress always leaves a nice dog biscuit  in cottages for visiting dogs. This means she has a supply of dog biscuits in her store room. Now of course we know they are there, but we are never allowed to touch them. It all seems a bit unfair anyhow. Why doesn’t she give us the biscuits rather than give them away to visitors. Surely we (especially me) deserve them more? Anyhow on passing through the office I noticed that mistress had left the box on the floor. ‘Ah! that looks interesting’. Anyway as there were people about I carried on outside and decided to formulate a plan.

If I waited for everyone to be busy I could sneak in and just check to see how many there were left. Then sneak out again undetected.

So I hung around outside the office until it was all clear, then quickly nipped in to have a look. There seemed to loads left. Surely a sniff wouldn’t hurt? No one is going to yell at me for just a sniff. Well, there were so many left it seemed a pity not to sample one. Just to make sure they hadn’t gone off – you understand. Besides I could always blame Idiot Brother if someone noticed one was missing. Unfortunately they were so nice I decided I had better sample another one. Again purely for scientific reasons. By the time I got to the third I had lost track of time and the next thing I know master is standing over me looking very very cross and yelling at me. I beat a hasty retreat to the courtyard, where  I knew I could outrun him if necessary. There was a lot of yelling and ‘Smudge come here’. No way! Do I look stupid? I am not going anywhere near master when he is cross with me. Even Idiot brother made himself scarce just in case.

Master appears to have quietened down a bit now although I keep hearing him muttering ‘thief’ as he walks past me. Worse mistress is talking about cutting my meagre daily ration down this evening. How will I survive till tomorrow.  Maybe I will have to go begging at a few cottage doors.

I didn’t mean to steal anything. I am just a dog. Did I do wrong?




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