I am a collie after all – Smudge

Smudge in the Peak district

Me discussing 'the rules of engagement' with 'their' leader

Sometimes I think my mistress and master forget that I am a collie (might have something to do with my lay-back duvet attitude).  But  I regularly hone my skills on the Chicken (not that she seems to do what she is told),  the local bird population and other moving objects.  I would love to be able to show master what I could achieve with the sheep around our cottages (click here) but I am under strict instructions not to.  The best fun is trying to round up my idiot brother.  I  get into a collie crouch about 20 feet away from him.  As he is usually running around like an idiot he rarely sees me till the last moment when it is too late.  A quick nip on his leg and I am away again.  I then have to run quickly before he can retaliate.  The other thing I practice for hours is the ‘Collie Stare’.  This is quite important as it shows whoever you are rounding up just who is boss. You sit transfixed for ages just watching (idiot brother isn’t much good at this as he is too impatient).   In summer, if I am really good master sometimes takes me down to help round up the cows.  They are a bit big but I can manage them.  Those that don’t do as they are told get a little warning nip on the ankle.  That’s usually enough to show who is in charge.  Idiot brother is absolutely useless at this, as he is scared of cows and is usually at least a field away which isn’t much help to master.

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