How was I supposed to know – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me guarding the new stone -

How was I supposed to know I wasn’t supposed to step in the sand.  Was there a notice up? Did anyone tell me? Was there a fence round it? NO! So you can’t blame me for stepping in it.  I am sure the builder can smooth it out again even if he did look a bit cross. I couldn’t even try and blame idiot brother as everyone saw me – oops!

Apart from the odd incident (not always me) things are going well with the building work for mistress’s laundry area at our cottages (click here). Drains are in and they are about to put the floor down.  Master seems happy with progress  although he has been complaining about a bad back for the last few days.  Something about lifting stone when he went to the quarry to pick up the facing stone. His bad back meant we didn’t get a proper walk this Sunday (I knew this walk thing was too good to be true) although he has still been zipping down town and all over with idiot brother to pick up bits.

Collecting stone near our pet friendly cottages

Collecting the stone from the Quarry -

I think master must have had a word with the builder as all of a sudden I don’t seem to be getting tit-bits at lunch time. Unless I annoyed him by standing in his sand! Idiot brother never caught on but I have a feeling master may have spotted me disappearing every lunch time.

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