Honey the Great Dane – Dog friendly Holiday in Rotorua, New Zealand

www.bighoneydog.com / Honey the Great Dane goes on her first ever holiday with her humans, to Rotorua, New Zealand – staying at the wonderful Broekhaven Cottage (www.broekhaven.co.nz).

Duration : 0:9:11

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  1. I am a huge dog …
    I am a huge dog lover. Honey is great. I am coming to NZ in Jan/Feb maybe I can say hi to her.
    See my video at petsplash , I live in the center of Israel. Not quite NZ , no not at all.Great Work , thanks , Gadi

  2. Lovely video. We’re …
    Lovely video. We’re going back to Rotorua next year. Sadly our dogs won’t be with us.

  3. Actually, we bought …
    Actually, we bought fabric and got a tailor to make up a huge beanbag just for Honey, with several covers which we could wash and change. The pet store ones were just too small for her, even in size XL! Then we just keep topping up with beans every so often, to keep it supportive. But don’t know if it would be suitable for most dogs as they tend to chew – we’re very lucky in that Honey is not very destructive and never chews her bed,,,

  4. O Hsin-Yi. I love …
    O Hsin-Yi. I love it, I love the song, and Paul is such a great driver ha ha ha . The cottage seems super nice, and look at you, fedding the animals, You are such the farm queen. You are only missing the the picky blue dress and the hay hat. Love the forest and those amazing big tall trees. Truly a great site, The water is amazing. Thanks for shering this with the world.
    Jackie and Dakota.

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