He Locked me in – Smudge

Smudge at our Peak district cottages


There I was minding my own business, wandering around our sheds, at our cottages (click here), while master got on with something or other. Next thing I know, I turned round and the shed door was closed. “Ah! That doesn’t look good”. I thought. Never mind Master was bound to miss me in a few minutes. After a while I realised there was no sound from outside. Master had completely forgotten about me and gone off to do something else (along with idiot brother). I tried the odd howl and bark but nothing. I  started to get a bit worried as I could see that there wasn’t any food in the shed. What would I have for my supper? Would they miss me in the end? Am I locked in here because I had done something wrong? NO it can’t be that or idiot brother would be permanently locked up. Maybe idiot brother will miss me? Well actually no he probably wouldn’t. He is usually too busy running around and being an idiot. After some hours (I was starting to get hungry) I heard mistress’s voice. At least someone has been missing me. I started to bark to let her know where I was and at last she found me and let me out. Thank goodness for that. Have I missed supper? Would I get extra? These were all the big questions I needed answering. Mistress gave me a big fuss and then took me for a treat. What about my supper? It turns out I had only been locked away for 10 minutes so I got very little sympathy. I don’t think master and idiot brother even noticed I was missing! Although master did get a telling off for not checking before he closed the door. I will be more careful as well in the future. I might have missed a meal.



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