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Well HE (idiot brother) is in the ‘dog’ house again. We were let out for our early morning constitution by master, who sometimes comes with us. If not it is usually mistress but on this occasion she didn’t either (I think the phone rang or something). So off we went into the field to see if there was anything interesting. After a few minutes of mooching around I decided it might be worth checking on our Cottages (click here) to see if anyone had any breakfast for me. Its always worth a try. I find if I sit outside with my ‘starved dog look’ I sometimes get the odd tit bit. The skill is remembering which cottages have dogs in. The owners are always a bit of a soft touch and of course there is always the possibility I can slip in and help the guest dog to finish their breakfast. It sometimes works. There I was lost in my mission when I suddenly heard the whistle go.

My stick

My stick

That means we have to come home. So off I trotted back to the house. On the way back it suddenly struck me that I hadn’t seen idiot brother for a while. Then I realised it wasn’t normal to be called back with the whistle in a morning. OH NO what has he (idiot brother) done.

Once I got back in doors I got the usual fuss and a chew for coming back then we sat waiting for ‘idiot’. Well of course he didn’t turn up. Every time master blew the whistle I imagined idiot brother getting into more and more trouble (maybe this time they will just get rid of him and I can have his dinner). In the end master realised he wasn’t going to come back so he went off in the car to find him. There are a number of spots he has been found before so that’s where master checks first – Sheldon Village (he pops into the pub because they know him there), Magpie Mine (don’t ask me why) and all the fields in that general direction.

In the end master found him over at Magpie mine wandering about totally unconcerned. I bet he got it in the neck when master found him as he was pretty furious when he left here. As part of his punishment we were left all day on our own while they went out. Well I was quite happy being left as I could get some serious duvet time in (if only he would stop barking every few minutes) but he was furious as he always wants to go everywhere with master. Well serves him right.

Idiot brother in the 'Dog' house

Idiot brother in the ‘Dog’ house

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