He is at it again – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district  cottages

Handsome Hound

There we were out with mistress for our morning constitution at our cottages (click here)when all of a sudden I turned round and idiot brother was gone. Oh well he must have heard master and gone to see him or seen a rabbit I had missed. Mistress seemed a bit concerned but I think she also thought he would have gone back to the house. Anyway we wandered back to the house and waited and waited. By this time mistress was getting very worried. I wasn’t. The idiot has done it before and unfortunately he seems to come back. I started wondering if I might get two meals tonight and a quiet night. Maybe I would sleep in the cage. My choice. Bliss. Anyhow mistress was now getting very worried so master went off to see if he could find him. Why? I have no idea. Its his stupid fault. If he runs off he should be made to walk back.

smudge in our pet friendly holiday cottages fields

Action Dog

Master disappeared for 30 minutes and then reappeared with idiot brother sitting proudly in the front seat. Master had found him over at the old Magpie Mine (he has been found there a few times). Mistress was overjoyed to see him cuddling him etc. Nothing for me. I had been the good one and all I get is ‘good old Smudge’. Not good enough. How about a biscuit.

The next crisis (although I didn’t class losing idiot brother as a crisis) was we lost all our water at about 11:00PM. Master was a bit concerned as it looked as though it might be a leak on our property. After much discussion it was decided that master and idiot brother would go off to the 24 hour Tesco in Buxton to get some water for our guests for tomorrow morning. What the big deal about getting water from Buxton was all about I didn’t understand. There are plenty of places around the cottages to get a drink of water. There is the cow troughs (bit tricky when cows are around), the pond and usually the odd puddle. No problem. Early the next day master rushed down to the farm to get big buckets of water to enable people to flush the toilet etc (again I have no idea why – what is wrong with a bush or the field). He then started looking into why we didn’t have any water.He quickly realised that it was the water board’s problem and a few hours later a little man in a van arrived. Then went.

Smudge in the courtyard to our peak district cottages

Guard Dog

Master followed him and found that they had discovered a leak in the main pipe about 1/2 mile from us and they were repairing it. We got our water back on at about 11:00PM that day. Mistress was very kind in letting us have some of the bottled water master had bought but it really wasn’t necessary. We could easily find our own. All this meant we didn’t get the walk we had been promised. Mistress had sat down the night before to work out a route but it all got cancelled.

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