He is at it again – Smudge

Smudge in bed at our pet friendly holiday cottages

A Responsible Job

He is at it again. We were all busy working at our peak district cottages (or at least master and mistress were) when we suddenly got a phone call from some walkers. Idiot brother had attached himself to them and was half way to Over Haddon. Mistress had to go and fetch him. Master was not very impressed.  Why does he do it? I don’t know.  We are well looked after. We have plenty of  fields to play in. We are well fed. Well actually now you come to mention it, food is a bit of a sore point. Mistress thinks we are well fed but I don’t. I think we are starved and it should be a criminal offence not to give a dog more food. But I digress. All in all there is no need for him to run off. I think the problem is he is so stupid he just forgets what he is doing and as he knows the way just tags along. Although the walkers said he was leading them rather than following them – idiot.

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me looking for idiot brother

Anyhow he is definitely in Master and Mistress’s bad books.

While out with mistress yesterday, I caught a mouse. Well when I say ‘I caught it’ it might be a bit of an exaggeration, as it  wasn’t doing a lot of moving. I was very proud of myself and was just about to eat it when mistress whipped it away from me. Luckily she dropped it a few seconds later so I ate it before she could stop me. Its about time I got some decent food into me. She was not very happy.

Its been a lot warmer over the last week so my skills as a fire/duvet dog have not been required. In order to keep ‘occupied’ I have had to find an alternative occupation. After much thought, I have decided to keep the corner of the kitchen occupied as it seemed a bit lonely.  Again a very responsible job that I have been taking very seriously.

Smudge in oune of our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me inspecting master's work

Master has been getting on well with his work in Magpie cottage. As you can see from the photo I have been in to check on his work (and to keep idiot brother out of his way).

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