He has done it again – Smudge

Smudge and blue at lathkill dale near our pet friendly cottages

Me and HIM -

Why, Why, Why, do we have to put up with him?

Yesterday started off bright and sunny at our cottages (click here), so mistress announced  that we were going over to Youlgrave to see the well dressings. Uh Oh that means the CAR! But no.  She meant  we were going to walk. Yippee.  Its a great walk over to Youlgrave from here.  Across the fields to Over Haddon, down into Lathkill Dale and up the other side and then across the fields again.  Very exciting.  So off we went.  Then the first problem.  Idiot brother wouldn’t go down our drive because the cows are currently in that field.  He had to be put on a lead and escorted to the road.  What an idiot.  The walk over the fields to Over Haddon was as much fun as normal.  Lots of smells and swallows to chase. Then down into the dale where we stopped for a well earned drink from the river and then up the other side.  All went well until mistress spotted that idiot brother was limping.

One of the Well dressings at Youlgrave near our pet friendly holiday cottages

One of Youlgrave Well Dressings

He didn’t seem to be limping much to me but we had to stop. I assumed he was doing one of his ‘get attention’ stunts. Both master and mistress tried to find out what the problem was but couldn’t find anything (well they wouldn’t if he was putting it on).  We walked on a little further and then it was decided his leg was not getting better and we would have to turn back. WHAT?  We have only just got started, we can’t go back now! Leave him! But no one listens to me.  So we had to go back down the hill to the river (with idiot brother pretending to limp) where there is a road up to Over Haddon. We (master and me) left idiot brother and mistress sitting by the river as we went back to our Peak district cottages for the car.  Well to be more precise master went back for the car and I just followed – I’m not going in that thing if I can avoid it. After about 3/4 hour we got back home and master went back in the car (leaving me behind thank goodness) to pick them up.

On their return there was a lot of attention lavished on him to try to find out what was wrong.  After a while it was decided that all he needed was some rest.  I can do rest.  I am very good at rest.  Maybe I should hurt my leg.  Anyhow I had the last laugh as he was tied up on his lead so he couldn’t run about. It was great fun watching him get angrier and angrier as I kept running past him chasing swallows etc.  Miraculously he wasn’t limping by tea time.  I wonder why?

Mind you in the evening he got his revenge as mistress still wanted to see the well dressings, so we had to go over to Youlgrave in the CAR.

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