He has done it again – Smudge

Smudge awaiting his turn

Me awaiting my turn

– Idiot brother has done it again.  Its only four weeks since his last escapade over to Sheldon.  This time master had to go and fetch him from just before Sheldon.  As usual he had wandered off totally oblivious to our standing instruction to stay within our own fields.  I assume, as per normal, he went off to see some people on the footpath and then just carried on following them – idiot.   Why he wants to wander off from our cottages (click here) is beyond me. We have everything we want just here.  He might have even missed lunch!!!  Anyhow master is hopping mad and has started looking at getting him a GPS tracking system so we can see where he has got to.  That should be fun as he is going to get into even more trouble than normal.  Master will be able to see where he has been all the time not just when he has gone missing.  So he is really going to get it in the neck.  Maybe we should just let him stay lost.  I might get his dinner  – that would be good.

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