Great Day in the Snow – Smudge

Pet friendly holiday - Smudge in snow

Me in the Snow

I think I am getting the hang of this snow thing.  The day started with a visit to mistress in bed.  She seems to have a cold so we went to say good morning.  Hopefully she is up in time for dinner.  Master is always a bit mean with dinner. Master then took us out in the snow.  I checked that the chicken was OK before heading out into the field for a run in the snow.  The sun was out and apart from the cold wind it was fine.  Just before we came in we met up with some friends from one of the Bolehill cottages who were just going out for a long walk.  They are proper Huskies.  They seemed to love the snow and were raring to be off.

The morning passed with us outside with the master who was clearing the drive.  Idiot brother was jumping all over trying to catch the snow – Again!  As the sun was out it was quite pleasant.  We came in for lunch, to check if there was any tit bits left over.  Mistress was up and about so that it is looking good for Dinner.  I had a lazy afternoon until master‘s Discovery got stuck in the courtyard and then we all had a laugh as he had be pulled out by the farmer.

I got the shock of my life just before we came in for the afternoon.  I was minding my own business. Checking on idiot brother when all of a sudden I realised I was virtually surrounded by the sheep who were only about 1 foot away. They had snook up on me when I wasn’t looking.  Don’t they know I am a sheep dog and they shouldn’t mess with me.  Anyway I gave them a bark and they all ran off but all the same it was all a bit undignified.  Idiot brother thought it was a great laugh.

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