Grass Cutting Time again – Blue

Blue at our peak district pet friendly holiday cottages

Me being goalie

It must be nearly summer as master has started cutting the grass at our cottages (click here) and getting out the children’s play things. I always like the grass cutting as I can follow the lawn mower around trying to catch the grass.  I also just love the way Smudge always lies where master is about to cut.  You could sell tickets to other dogs to come and watch his stupidity. Every time Smudge gets  moved, he moves to the next place master will be mowing. You would think he would learn. We have had a few children here this week which I quite enjoy as they are always willing to play with me (which is more than can be said for master who is always too ‘busy’!)

The cows are out at our peak district cottages


I don’t know if you read mistress’ blog but if you do you will know that the COWS are out in the fields again. Luckily they are not in OUR fields yet but it is now only a matter of time. I am just not happy with cows around as they tend to bully me.  I therefore keep a safe distance from them or make sure master is between me and them. Smudge of course doesn’t seem to mind and just blindly wanders through them. I told you he was stupid.

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