Grass Cutting – Blue

Blue in the grass at our peak district cottages

Me in the grass -

The grass cutting season is under way again at our cottages (click here).  This is fun for a number of reasons –

    – I am allowed to chase the tractor/mower around the garden

    – I am allowed to chase the kicked grass cuttings (master dumps a lot of the grass cuttings out in the field and then kicks them all over the place to let the grass grow over them). I enjoy running after the grass and catching it.

    – its interesting to watch Smudge keep getting in the way.  Smudge seems to have the ability to settle down for a nap just where master is about to cut.  He then gets moved on and lies down in the next bit that will be cut.  Is he thick or what?
    – Once or twice master has allowed me onto the tractor/mower

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