Getting ready for Christmas – Blue

Blue at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Ok so I will do the Christmas thing!

Well it has been all go here at our peak district cottages. Mistress has been rushing around putting up Christmas trees and decorations in all our cottages and master has been desperately trying to finish off all the pre Christmas maintenance work and get the outside Christmas lights up. Master has been fitting new carpets in the cottages which I don’t think he likes doing as he is always grumpy when doing that job. So we keep well away from him. Every now and then I try to see if I can help but usually just get yelled at. He wasn’t very happy with putting the lights up either. He kept complaining about it been too cold. Well it was a bit cold but not that bad.

Carpet cutting at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Master cutting carpet

Unfortunately no snow at the moment which is a bit of a shame but I live in hope. You rarely see Smudge outside at this time of year.  He claims to be ‘looking after the fire’. Yeh! I bet. He is just lazy. Me I am here, there and everywhere trying to help with whatever is going on.

We have lots of friends coming over Christmas so that should be fun (especially if we have snow like last year).  Smudge just sees other dogs arriving as a possible opportunity for some more food. Unfortunately for him mistress always warns everyone about him but he still does a daily round of all the cottages just in case.

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