Gardens Again – Smudge

Smudge at Stanton near our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in yet another GARDEN

Ok so its nearly summer. Does that really mean we have to get dragged round gardens again.  I thought we did all that last year. Anyhow Mistress decided that as we hadn’t been round the Stanton-in-Peak gardens (which are just across the valley from our cottages (click here)) we had to go. So into the CAR we were bundled and then dragged round garden after garden. As usual we were confined to our leads and got the  usual ‘don’t do that’ and ‘don’t walk there’. What is a dog supposed to do. It was even worse for idiot brother. He gets yelled at when on a normal walk. Going round gardens he is almost in permanent trouble.

a garden in stanton neat our pet friendly holiday cottages

One of the gardens in Stanton

I tried to hurry the whole process along by pulling mistress round quicker but that didn’t work as she passed me over to master. Well that was bad news as he is very strict about us walking on leads so I had to behave myself.  We did get a biscuit from one of the garden owners which was nice. I nearly managed to get idiot brother’s as well but he just beat me to it. Mistress and Master had a drink outside the village pub but nothing for us. And what about my afternoon nap? No one thought about that while I was being dragged round.

Stanton near our peak district cottages

A garden in Stanton

The cows are back in the front field (they had been round the back) so idiot brother is a bit confined to the front garden again (he is too scared to go through them). Serves him right.

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