Family reunion – Blue

Smudge and Blue with their Dad

Us with our Dad

Sunday looked as though it might have been another bad weather day at our peak district  cottages so we were expecting a boring day in.  Then we heard the magical word ‘walk’.  It turns out mistress wanted to go and look round the ‘Open Gardens’ in the next village (Monyash) so as it was not raining, off we went.  Of course we had to be on our leads and on our best behaviour so it wasn’t much fun.

Smudge and blues dad and sister

Our Dad and sister

Whenever we are out, we seem to attract attention and people come up and make a fuss of  us which we enjoy.  I always put on my best cute look just to make sure I get more attention than Smudge.  We were about half way round when one family took a major interest in us and started to say how much I looked like one of their dogs (they obviously had a cute dog too).  Mistress told them where we had been born (Monyash) and the family announced that they were the owners of our farther.  So, as they lived in Monyash, we dropped in to see our DAD.  It turns out that not only does our dad live with this family but so does one of  our sisters.  They have a field behind their house so we were all allowed to play in it for half an hour or so.

One of the 'Open gardens' in Monyash

Monyash Open Garden

There were a lot of snide comments from master about how well trained our dad and sister were compared with us.  We are well trained, we just have a more  independent spirit than they do.  Of course we all  had to sit for the family photo before we left.   So it wasn’t such a bad day after all.

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