Evicted – Smudge

smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

What have they done to OUR room.

I am not happy!! What have they done to our room? All of a sudden we are homeless! We were taken out for our morning walk around our peak district cottages by mistress and when we got back our cage, bed everything had gone. How am I supposed to hide when I no longer have a cage to hide in. Master is apparently repainting our room. Why? It was all nice and comfortable and  had that sort of  ‘lived in feel’ to it, which is very important to a dog. Now it smells of paint and we still haven’t got our cage and bed back.

What is worse is if we sneak in to see how things are going, we are chased out. One day we were completely banned and had to spend the day in the hall/lounge. Something about us making a mess of the paintwork  (as if). Its our room why can’t we see what is going on. Did anyone ask us if we wanted a change – NO!

smudge at our peak district cottages

Doesn't look edible to me!

In addition our bed seems to wander around the house. Sometimes we find it in the kitchen, then it gets moved into the hall, then its back in the kitchen. Sometimes it is back in our room but without our cage – I don’t know where that has gone.

Master keeps saying that we look out of sorts and grumpy. Well what can you expect when your bed isn’t where it is suppose to be and the rest of your home keeps moving.

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