Down town – Smudge

Smudge at our pet friendly holiday cottages

Me in hot persuit of a swallow -

I just wasn’t quick enough!  Mistress decided she would take me down town to Bakewell (a few minutes from our cottages (click here)) and before I could dash out of the door I was in the ‘CAR’.  Now I don’t mind the town bit but the problem is that we have to go in the ‘CAR’.  So down town we went.  I have a very responsible job when I am with mistress.  As she goes into each of the food shops I am left to look after the food bags etc (which lets face it is hard for me). Mistress has told me that this is an important and responsible job as you never know who might try and take them.  In general I am very good. Just don’t mention the sausage roll incident to mistress.

After lunch we had to go out in the ‘CAR’ AGAIN.  Master needed to pick something up from Bonsall so we all had to drive over there with him (why? – I was quite happy to stay at home).  On the way back I decided I would try out the estate part of the car.  It looked a lot more spacious than my normal spot (down behind the front seats).  Well, I can report that its even worse. For one I could see where we were going (so that was bad) and secondly I got thrown all over the place.  I wish master would slow down when he gets to bends.

In the Afternoon we were treated to one of the rarest sights in Derbyshire – master cleaning the CAR.  Neither of us can remember the last time he did that – must have been some time last year or the year before.  Maybe his age is getting to him.

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