Does Smudge have a Brain – Blue

Blue looking cute

Me doing my Cute Look -

I have been on my best behavior ‘again’.  After I was well and truly told off for my casual stroll over to Sheldon I thought it best to be good for a while.  I was only taking in  the beautiful spring scenery and was on my way back – honest! I don’t think master believes me though!  So to show I am on my best behaviour I hang around the courtyard at our cottages (click here) and made sure when master is about I am at his side.  Seems to be working.

I had great fun this afternoon. Smudge was playing with a stick in the field.  It was much too big for him and he was having real problems holding and carrying it.  Just then master called us in.  Smudge immediately came running up the field with the stick in his mouth (to make sure he didn’t loose it  I assume).  To get from the field to the car park we need to go across a cattle grid or we can walk round the side where master has made us a passageway to squeeze through.  We always use the passageway as it is easier than the cattle grid.  Anyhow as smudge came thundering up to the passageway I suddenly realised that this could be great fun!  How as he going to get the stick through? As he isn’t the brightest dog in the pack he would try and get through the passage with the piece of wood in his mouth.  This was going to be real fun to watch.  But no.  He got near the entrance.  Looked at it, looked at the piece of wood and decided to go across the cattle grid instead.  Maybe he does have a brain after all. I will have to monitor him more closely in future.


  1. Dear Smudge and Blue

    Have you had your owners trained yet? I need to get my owners trained but I am not sure where to go.
    Do you know where you could get them trained? I expect the people who read your blog could come up with a few suggestions.

    Do you think you could make a post and ask this question please?

    Kind Woofs

  2. Smudge – Our owners Trained! Now that Could be useful! Maybe I could train them to fetch that damn stick they keep throwing for ME to run after. I could train them to feed me more often? Yes in general I like the idea. Does anyone have any ideas how best to train an owner???

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