Digger Dog – Blue

blue on a digger near our peak district cottages

OK. What do you want done next!

Master took me over to our  house in Buxton on Friday as a special treat. I think he felt sorry for me having to put up with Smudge all day (he is boring). Master had been getting on quite well but I soon got down to helping which moved things along a lot quicker. Master is not doing too bad. The garden is getting more dog friendly. It still seems to be missing some grass but I am told it will be arriving shortly. The digger was great fun to play with. I wish we had one at ourcottages (click here). It would make digging for moles a lot quicker. You can only dig so much with two paws. With a digger I could have the whole field up in no time. No place for molie to hide then!

Today we got taken for a walk from Ashford-in-water to Bakewell (along the river) and then over the hill to near Hassop Roundabout before joining the Monsal Trail for half a mile.

Blue on a bridge in Bakewell near our cottages

Now where has he gone?

We then headed off to Longstone were we had a picnic and then back to Ashford-in-Water. The Monsal trail was very busy so we were put on our leads (not sure why).  I assume the trail is very popular now they have opened all the tunnels and you can now go from Bakewell almost to Buxton. Luckily we were only on the trail for about 15 mins before we turned off and were allowed back off our leads. The walk over to Longstone and across the fields back to Ashford was a bit traumatic as we had to go through numerous fields with COWS. One field in particular  had some viscous looking things with big horns. Mistress called them ‘Long Horns’ and I can understand why. Once back in Ashford mistress had to have an ice-cream before we headed off back home.

blue near our pet friendly cottages

OK. Where next?



  1. Happy New Year to you both and the dogs of course.just been reading the dogs blog they do have a lovely life don’they. Hope chris does’nt work blue too hard tho’ over at Buxton. Really looking forward to coming back down

    Lots of love Carol &Jim

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