Diet – why me? – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district pet friendly cottages

Me in my youth

Here at our cottages (click here) I seem to be the only one who is on a diet.  Why me? I regularly exercise; I only eat what I am supposed to (most of the time) and don’t drink too much. So why am I singled out as the one who has to be on a diet.  I am absolutely sure that idiot brother gets more in his bowl than me.  He must do.  I have finished mine before he has got half way through his.  So my thinking is that he must be getting twice as much as me. Its’ just not fair!  Mistress does give us a few treats during the day, when ‘we’ are good.  But that is a bit of a problem because idiot brother is rarely out of trouble and I always seem to have to suffer.

It was a bit scary today.  There were loud bangs going off in the distance (I think mistress said there was a shoot on).  I am a bit wary of bangs as you are never quite sure of what is going to follow them. So to make sure nothing untoward happened I made sure I snuggled even deeper into the duvet and when outside stuck very close to master.  I am sure he wouldn’t let anything happen to me.  Idiot brother of course just hid somewhere.

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