CowDog – Smudge

Smudge at our peak district cottages

Discussing who is 'Boss' -

Master was asked if he could help bring in the 130 milk cows for milking for the farm opposite to our Peak District cottages. I immediately volunteered as I am rather good at cow herding.  Idiot brother of course was nowhere to be seen. He is scared of cows (unless he is behind a fence).  As the cows were in the field nearest to us we walked down our drive and hopped over the wall.  It was a glorious evening so most of the cows seemed to want to stay out.  Master was having non of it.  So between us we started herding them towards the gate into the croft and then into the milking parlour.  Problem with cows is that they are not like sheep. With sheep once you have one moving the rest follow. Oh No – cows have a mind of their own.  Just as we got one bunch moving towards the gate another lot would decide that the grass was greener in the other direction and I would have to charge off to get them back.  Just as we had most of them into the croft one decided she wanted to have a drink from the trough which was half way back up the field.  So off we had to go to get her back.  Why can’t they just do as they are told? Anyhow after about an hour we managed to get them all in and we could have a leisurely walk back to our peak district cottages.

When we got back we (me and idiot brother) also had two balloons to keep away from OUR fields.

The whole day was a bit exhausting so I  have decided to have a duvet day today.

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