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I am back at work again. The farmer is on holiday so I am helping to get the cows in for milking. The farm opposite our cottages  (click here) has over a hundred and thirty milk cows so it can take a professional like me to get them all in for milking. Master comes along to help but quite honestly he isn’t much good. He just walks around waving his hands in the air and doing a lot of shouting. Well of course the cows just ignore him. With me it is different. The cows all know who is boss and that I won’t stand any nonsense from them. Today we walked down our drive and hopped over the wall into the field to get them in.  I think it was a bit easier than normal because it was a bit cold. On sunny days even I have to give them a bit of encouragement as they seem to want to stay out. Well tough. My job is to get them in and in they are going.

One problem I have found with being ‘cow dog’ is that inevitably I get filthy.  Its sort of part of the job as you can’t concentrate on rounding up cows and watch where you are stepping all at the same time. Can you? Of course as soon as mistress sees me it is THAT look which I just know means the hose pipe. I did have a bit of a problem yesterday when I was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. It can be very messy if you are at the rear of a cow at the wrong moment. I got covered. Idiot brother (who is too scared of cows to be of any use) just sat there laughing when I was being washed down (head to toe). Well I enjoy my job so there. Even if it does mean getting hosed down each day.

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